3rd Annual Autism Awareness Walk and Fun in Maynardville, Tennessee

Nancy, of the shop CombRidgeHancraftrs submitted this lovely creation she made with the Puzzled Heart Embroidery Design.

They have some other Autism patches on their site now but will not put everything up until after Saturday. They have wreaths, totes, jackets and sweatshirts with patches, wooden signs, cross frames, signs, arctic cups and cups with Autism sayings on it.
I hope you make a bundle of money!

We have an autism walk coming up this weekend and I have a grandson with autism so this is very close to my heart. We have a booth at the walk and we make all sorts of things related to Autism. I made this as a patch and sewed it on an jacket. I hope it sells!!!

The event is this weekend, April 7, 2018. Its the 3rd Annual Autism Awareness Walk and Fun in Maynardville, Tennessee.”
Nancy / CombRidgeHandcraftrs




H 86mm (3.3″) x W 90mm (3.5″)


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