Our passion and commitment is to deliver high quality embroidery digitizing at a design specific, reasonable price. Have  look at our basic pricing structure for. Below are samples of completed projects and designs to see what we are capable of.

Embroidery digitizing is our passion and we strive to deliver excellent embroidery digitizing at an reasonable price.


International South Africa

I do not strive to beat competitors on price but by providing top quality digitizing at a reasonable price so we all can win. There are a few factors we take into account when digitizing and do give discount at our own discretion. Top quality is our priority!

Pricing is based on variables which may influence the calculation of the final price. Prices are calculated with the following in mind:

  • when a design has a low stitch count, it’s not very fair to the digitizer (me) that the price may be calculated unfairly low to the client (you), as the time required to digitize might be more that the price charged.
  • when a design has a high stitch count (and it may be very easy to digitize) that the price may be unfairly high to the client (you).

So to solve these problems, I offer a cascading pricing structure for certain designs. Therefore the higher the stitch count the lower the price per 1000 stitches. Although this is not as simplified as a flat rate, it is more reasonable to you as client. In my opinion, and I am sure you will agree, the quality of the digitized design and not just the price, will ensure your success as well.