Granny’s Gift

Let me tell you it’s hard to find inspiration sometimes for new designs. Luckily, customers approach you with a project that gets the creative juices flowing.

An elderly customer approached me with a project to digitize and embroider a very special pillow case for one of her granddaughters. Let’s call her Grandma C. Grandma C related her cute story about her granddaughter’s fascination with her granny’s bedside tablecloth.

Her granddaughter visited her one day and saw one of Grandma’s vintage tablecloths on her bedside table. She immediately became obsessed with the delicate fabric and hand embroidered roses and could not stop touching or looking at it admiringly.

On all subsequent visits, her granddaughter would ask Grandma C to see the beautiful  table decoration. Inspiration struck. So, for her granddaughter’s birthday, Grandma C wanted to gift her granddaughter a pillowcase embroidered with something similar to the tablecloth design. 

I was tasked to make this gift possible. She lent me the original tablecloth and I started digitizing! How pretty and delicate the design was!

First, I scanned the original tablecloth on my scanner and then basically traced the design in my digitizing program. I took a few creative liberties with some design elements, but I tried to stay as true to the original as possible. 

Roses are always  a bit tricky to digitize, as it’s hard to get the colors of the petals just right. The hardest part of the design turned out to be the lilac border. But, in the end I was very pleased with the embroidered result. I just hoped Grandma C would approve!

As it was, Grandma Rose, and especially her granddaughter, was very pleased with the result!

“She loves it. She won’t go to bed without her ‘Grandma’ pillow.”

Grandma C



– fits 3″ x 3″ frame –

– fits 4″ x 4″ frame –

– fits 5″ x 7″ frame –

– fits 6″ x 10″ frame –

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