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Couture Princess Embroidery has loads of designs for various embroidery machines, in various individual sizes or design packs. Browse through the designs in the SHOP, or use the search box to find the designs in a style or theme that you like.

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Purchase and payment options

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How do I get my purchased designs?

You will receive the file(s) as an email attachment, sent to the email address provided by you, after full payment is confirmed.

Open the email and download the zipped file(s) to your computer. You need to unzip/unpack/extract the file(s) first to access the relevant embroidery file(s).

Then simply transfer the file format to your embroidery machine. Unfortunately I cannot help with this. It is your responsibility to have the correct knowledge, software/program and hardware/computer/machine to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine.

What is included in my purchase?

You will receive:

  • 9 different machine embroidery file formats;
  • a colour change sheet (.jpg); and 
  • basic instructions.


What is digitizing?

Digitizing (used to be called punching) is where a picture/image is converted/drawn into stitches for an embroidery machine to embroider.


Why does it take so long to digitize a design?

Simply because, to get a good quality result for certain designs, a bit of time is spent “tweaking” it. All digitizers would like to just scan a picture and have the program do the work. But in reality this is just simply not possible in most cases.  A digitizer basically re-trace your design  and convert them to stitches, from the design/picture you sent. All kinds of stuff needs to be considered like:

  • theorder the elements should work in to give the desired result,
  • theorder of the colors to give you a time efficient design, and
  • elements to exclude or includewhen working with different size designs, and
  • of course there might be other clients booked before your design was scheduled.
How is digitizing cost determined?

Although we would like to be paid per hour for digitizing it is simply not fair to clients or market related. Therefore the cascading pricing structure. It is also unfair to you (the client), or me (the digitizer)  to request a verbal quote without the me (digitizer) seeing exactly what is required in the form of a picture/design.
We try to make prices as competitive as possible without sacrificing quality. Digitizing is bit of an art and science. So it is only reasonable to ask more for certain complicated designs and less for very simple designs.

What is an embroidery file format?

Every brand of embroidery machine (Janome, Elna, Brother, Bernina, Singer, ext) has its own “language” (JEF, DST, PES, EXP, ext) it reads the design in specific to the machine. That is why we ask what FORMAT you would like your file in.

How do I get my designs from the digitizer?

Normally you will receive the file(s) as an email attachment. Simply download the file(s) to your computer and transfer to your embroidery machine. Unfortunately I cannot help with this. It is your responsibility to have the correct knowledge, software/program and hardware/computer/machine to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine.

What do I receive?

I will send you the required file(s) via email. Usually include the embroidery file and a color chart.

A color chart is included to give you a guide as to the sequence the design will work and suggested colors for the design.



Due to the digital nature of digitizing I simply cannot offer a full refund. This is standard practice throughout the industry. If you are not happy with any element of the design please send me a detailed  email explaining the issue. I will try to correct it to the best of my abilities, within the detailed terms and conditions limitations.

I cannot see my file on my computer when I download the design from email.

If you do not have the appropriate software/program to view embroidery files on it will show an error on your computer screen.   The computer does not read these files per default you have to open it in the correct program. Simply load the file to your embroidery machine and then have a look. If you still struggle please contact your dealer and ask them to just help out.

Can Couture Princess change the colors of certain elements of the design?

Yes I can, but it is not necessary.  You will receive a COLOR CHART with every design. This is a guide to help you see the sequence in which element and the colors ADVISED will work. YOU can change these colors while working it on the machine to get the desired effect you want. Please see next page for explanation of color chart.