Homecoming Sashes

It is always great when clients share what they embroider the designs on, that I digitize for them. So when the Debbie of Debbie’s Unique Creations sent me the pictures of the sashes they made, I was very excited.

It all started with a brief from their client.

What a pleasure to digitize if the brief is detailed. So much easier when supplied with the name of the font and final sizing of the item. It really makes the educated guesswork so much less.

Fonts are my personal little nightmare. It can be hard even if you have all the best tools to first, identify the particular font and then second, to digitize. But that is a topic all on it’s own.

So I “quickly” digitized the lettering. As always, there was no time to waste (the client needed to complete the sashes by the next day).

I first digitized  the lettering so Debbie could start with the embroidery. Giving me a bit of time for the tree. Those branches and leaves for a 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm) design took a while!

All said and done I think it all came together nicely.

Poor Debbie had to work through the night to get it all done! She can sew “from a button to a coach”.

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