How to make a feltie

puzzle detail puzzled butterfly embroidery design support autism awareness feltie

Felties are a quick and easy way to decorate hairclips. Let me show you how. 

1. Hoop your stabilizer. Sulky Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer will do.

2. Stitch out the first step, this is the dye line/placement line for the felt within the frame. I made it black thread (colour of stitching) just so the placement of the stitching is clearly visible. You can use any colour embroidery thread. We will be removing it later.

3. Apply the first layer of felt. Ensure the piece of felt cover the entire area indicted by the first black stitch line. Use some spray adhesive/glue and secure the felt to the stabilizer and that it does not move when you start embroidering the design.

4. Stitch the second step (green colour thread), this is the tack down stitching for the felt. You actually do not need to change the thread colour but can keep it the same as the first outline colour. It is simply digitized/set to be a different colour to ensure your machine stops at this point.

5. Now stitch the rest of the design, up until the last set of stitching.

6. Remove the hoop from the machine, but do NOT remove the design from the hoop.

7. Flip the hoop over so the back is visible.  Use a little bit of adhesive spray to attach the felt to the back.  Be careful not to “stretch” or move the stabilizer to ensure accurate stitching.

8. Put the hoop carefully back in the machine and stitch out the final outline stitches. This is to “hide” your back stitches of the embroidery.

9. Remove design  from the hoop. I use the black stitching as a guideline, and cut as close to that as possible. Then just remove the excess black thread (left some black on the photo to show how it was cut).

10. Rinse in warm water to remove the Solvy Stabilizer and let dry over night.

puzzle detail puzzled butterfly embroidery design support autism awareness feltie

11. Attach the felt design to the hairclip of your choice with a glue gun or hand stitches.


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