How do you change the colors of embroidery designs?

One of the most frequently asked questions by newbie embroiderers is, if it is possible to change the colors of a design.

Short answer is absolutely yes. Best part is you do not have to be a digitizer or have software (computer program) to make the changes.

The digitizer does not have to “change” anything for you really. You can just change the design colors by threading the color threads you prefer, provided you thread in the correct sequence/order the design element will embroider.

The only inconvenience is, that might be confusing to newer embroiderers is, that your chosen colors will not reflect on your machine embroidery machine.

The point is – the suggested colors on any color chart is just that, a suggestion. If you keep the order of the embroidery elements in mind, you can change the colors of any design (not only our designs) to what you or the client prefer.

Just follow the steps below if you are unsure.

It is always a good idea to have a simple program in order for you “see” your designs, but you can change the colors of elements of a design without a program.

When you download a design from us you will receive a .jpg file in your download, marked “CC”. The “CC” is short for Color Change sheet.

2. This file cannot be loaded on an embroidery machine. It is a guide to the order in which the design elements will embroider and the colors of these elements.

The example is of an appliquè, so the first 2 steps relates to the fabric placement (refer to our guide on how to appliquè here). Step 3 shows the eye outline will embroider first suggested color black. Step 4 -the inside of the eye in white. Step 5 – the outline of body in pink. Step 6 – piece of hair lilac, and so it continues.

3. Say you want to change the unicorn from shades of pink to shades of lilac. Start by printing out the color chart.

4. Choose the color threads you want to use instead of the ones on the printed chart.

5. What I do is, arrange the threads colors of my choosing, in a row, in the order of the sequence it will embroider. So when I actually embroider the design and get distracted I know which color I have to use next and do not get the colors mixed up.


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