How to make a Key Fob (Snap Tab)

Key fob designs are basically a modified appliqué type design. When you do not not know what to gift a person key fobs can be a easy and fast gift to embroider.

Understanding and embroidering a good basic appliqué design first will be helpful to familiarise yourself with the basic steps. Check it out on our website by clicking here.


  • Suitable fabric (vinyl/imitation leather/canvas) for the key fob background /main fabric.
  • Suitable fabric for the actual design (felt/vinyl/imitation sued/imitation leather)
  • Stabiliser
  • Double sides tape
  • 2 x Snap Tabs
  1. Cut a piece of stabiliser slightly larger than the embroidery frame and frame it.

2. The first part to stitch is the dye line. On the color chart it is indicated as a black /red colored thread. Notice the dye line is suggested as black and the following line (placement line) is indicated as green. This is simply practical and will make sure the machine will stop after stitching these lines.

3. Stitch the first dye line. You can use any color here. It will be cut of in the end so the color does not matter.

4. Cut 2 pieces of double sided tape and apply on the outside of the stitched dye line, making sure the tape does not overlap with the dye line. You do not want to stitch over the tape!

5. Cut the fabric of your choice for the keyfob big enough to fit over dyeline. Secure it with the double sides tape to the stabilizer. Make sure it covers the dye line already stitched.

6. Stitch the tack down stitches. These are to secure the fabric to the stabilizer and hold the fabric in place.

7. Embroider the actual design for the key fob. It will either be a full stitch design or basic appliqué design. Please refer to the detailed notes here on how to do a basic appliqué.

8. Stop before stitching the final stitches of the key fob.

9. Gently remove the frame from the machine and flip frame over. On the bottom side of the design, put double sided tape on both sides of finished design.

10. Place the second piece of fabric on the back of frame making sure it covers the tape and design outlines.

11. Change the colour of the bobbin thread. Use the same colour and embroidery thread you will use as top stitching. The top stitching is double stitching, so don’t worry that the stitches will hold break, it will not.

12. Stitch the final top stitching of the design.

13. Remove design frame from machine. Look at the back, only one stitch line should be visible.

14. Remove the design from the frame. Cut out the design. Cut close to the stop stitch and in-between the top stitch and original tack down line

15. Mark position for snap tabs

16. Insert the snap tabs. I prefer the male snap tab at the bottom and the female snap tab at the top of the key fob (figure15). But you can do whatever works for you.

17. Just add a metal key fob ring or lobster claw and you are done. Your very own key fob.



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